Smart keys are sometimes called key fobs, but what this means is that there is no ignition cylinder and the car is started by a push button. There are a few ways you can replace lost or stolen car keys, but what is the best way to buy new smart keys for your specific car? Smart keys have some more pressing concerns, but there are also general issues with some of the go-to locations for buying smart keys for cars. This is what you need to know about where to buy these smart locks.

Can you buy a pre-programmed smart key for cars?Smart keys need to be in the presence of the car they are meant to open in order to be programmed. If a smart key for cars has been programmed, it cannot be reprogrammed. When a smart key comes advertised as pre-pro...

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Basic Home Security Guidelines
Did you know that according to the FBI, a home invasion takes place every 15 seconds on average? None of us wants to be a victim of burglary so what can you do to keep your home, possessions and family safe? Most actions are free and just require a little forethought and planning.

Start by walking around your home and think from the viewpoint of a potential thief. What possible areas can easily be compromised or forced open? Cutting back shrubbery that can act as camouflage or give a thief cover while he works to break in is always a good idea. Look at your home at night. Are there areas that need additional lighting especially along pathways, porches or breezeways.

Do you have sliding windows o...

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